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 Jennifer Shuart 

Photo Credit: Chelsea Levine Photography


Stepping Stones are used to support and hopefully guide you along a journey.  Sometimes they look so far away from one another that you take a leap and hope for the best; other times they are close together and seem easy.  Stones that may be helpful along the journey to well-being are: time, patience, empathy, honesty, trust, hope, and reflection; among others.

Stepping Stones

Emotional and mental well-being is a combination of these stepping stones and, for some, the use of medication intervention.  Medication is a tool to help you along your journey while you are using skills and knowledge that you have gained along the way.  Medication evaluation and management services are available for individuals from ages 5 to 80.   

Please see the Forms and Policies section for information related to services that are offered and the forms to bring to your initial appointment. 


At this time we are only seeing clients for medication evaluation and management services and are not providing individual therapy.  The necessity of engaging in individual therapy while also receiving services for medication through Stepping Stones To Well Being, LLC will be discussed individually.

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